Smart Controls

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Sefton and Preston
around 2 hours
From £249 Installed

Nest Thermostats

As Nest Certified Professionals and Nest users, Mark Knowles Plumbing and Heating are able to offer Nests innovative smart thermostat with an unrivalled knowledge of the product. By undertaking Nests training programme and installing the product in our own homes, we have been able to ensure we deliver the best installation service possible.

Rethink your heating system

Over 60% of your energy bill goes to heating your home. But for most people, heating is guesswork. The Nest Learning Thermostat gives you precise control of the temperature, creates a personalised schedule for your home and eliminates the need for a programmer. So you can save energy. Simply.

Control it from anywhere

Use the Nest app to control your thermostat from a mobile. Getting in early? Change the temperature before you get home.

And if your home is too cold, you’ll get an alert. So you’ll know if your pipes could freeze.

A thermostat and programmer in one

The Nest Thermostat replaces your programmer so that you can control heating from one place. Instead of turning off the boiler for a long time, you can add very low temperatures to your schedule. This will save energy while keeping your family – and your pipes – safe in extreme weather.

Teach Nest to save

Just turn it up and turn it down. The Nest Thermostat learns what temperatures you like and builds a personalised schedule. Teach it efficient temperatures for a few days and, within a week, it’ll start setting them on its own.

Save while you are away

With Auto-Away™, the Nest Thermostat automatically turns to an energy-efficient Away temperature when you’re not at home. Auto-Away works in 90% of homes, even if your Nest is in a spot that you don’t pass on your way out of the door.

No more guessing

With True Radiant, your thermostat learns how your home heats up, so you don’t have to guess when to turn on the heating.

If your schedule says 20° at 7:00, then True Radiant will turn on the heat early so you’ll be perfectly warm when you wake up.

Letting you know when you are saving

The Nest Leaf™ appears when you’re saving energy. Changing the temperature just one degree can cut your energy use by up to 10%. The Leaf guides you in the right direction.

My Nest thermostat has saved me a fortune – and it was a pleasure having it installed by Mark Knowles Plumbing and Heating!